Music Connection Magazine - Club Review - May 23 2005

Jordana Glasser
Genghis Cohen

Photo By: Albert Vega

Jordana Glasser: Bluesy, passionate voice
in a pop-folk format.

The Players: Jordana Glasser, keyboards, vocals; Chris Pinnick, guitar; Will MacGregor, bass.

Material: Jordana Glasser strings together an intriguing, at times whimsical, package for the singer/ songwriter crowd. Skirting around conventional song formats, Glasser lets her lyrics lead the way with lines like, “I like chasing butterflies in the Gemini sky.” The verse-chorus-verse structure does pop up occasionally. But, she seems much more at home conveying the cathartic nature of her self-professed “painful songs,” through a wealth of words set to moody piano melodies and sparse guitar picking.

Musicianship: Glasser wisely employs the seasoned skills of Pinnick and MacGregor. Achieving a loungy jazz feeling, Pinnick throws in a mix of clever runs and single-note leads that one imagines could dress up any combo of notes. And with MacGregor's solid low-end, the lack of percussion is easily overlooked. Of course, Glasser's vocals are front-and-center. A proficient keyboardist as well, her bluesy, passionate voice displays a range that is a treat.

Performance: While her focus was on heavy matters of the heart, Glasser's onstage demeanor could not have been more laid-back, and the balance worked. An impassioned artist, Glasser stepped back between songs to talk about Seinfeld , the weather, and a jealous pet cat. Then when the spotlight shifted back to her music, Glasser delivered. Not surprisingly, it was her more traditional tunes that garnered the most reaction, ending with an impromptu request for a song she hadn't played in years. Accordingly, she complied.

Summary: Jordana Glasser is another example of a talented songwriter drawing her own blueprint in the pop/folk scene. A delightful vocalist, Glasser's strength lies in her ability to write emotional lyrics that hit hard with folks who identify with her work. First-timers expecting standard fare may find her material challenging. A couple more hooks could go a long way in giving newbies a bit more to chomp on. Her talent deserves the attention.

-- Albert Vega (Music Connection Magazine)

"Jordana Glasser first came to my attention when she did the Open Mic last March. She went on following a very dynamic featured artist, and despite all the noise and fuss still surrounding that person after they left the stage, Jordana managed to hush the crowd, sat down at the borrowed keyboard and sang two beautiful pieces that had me and the crowd absolutely riveted. I booked her immediately. She's appeared twice since then as a featured artist and this Tuesday, she returns with a bunch of new songs and her debut CD, "See You On Mars", finally finished and pressed. 'It's about finding my own power, my own unique path in the World.' Jordana's songs have a dreamy atmospheric quality, very lyrical in content. So I'd imagine the new CD must be pretty interesting. Jordana cites Joni Mitchell, Jackson Browne, Janis Ian, Sarah Maclachlan and Tori Amos as her influences--all favorites of mine, which is probably why I like her so much. So I'm looking forward to seeing her show this Tuesday night. For more, visit her website," -- Mainstreet Songwriter's Showcase

“Okay, I have to update my notes about Jordana. She's awesome. I've just finished mastering a live recording of her I did almost a year ago, and I've been living with her music for the last few days. At that point she still wasn't a polished performer, but her music was overpowering. No problems with her performances now. Emotions flow with her voice, and the songs can overwhelm you. Acoustic Pop/Rock. Piano and vocals, with both original songs and covers. CD coming, or so I'm told.” -- Coffee Junction Review

"I was going through my music library on my computer at work creating different playlists.  One of the formatted playlists is "One hour of favorites - rating 5" meaning 5 stars.  I can code any song from 1-5 stars.  So I started coding. I can honestly say that your CD is the ONLY one where all the songs received 5 stars and I was being REALLY honest in what I wanted to listen to.  Aimee Mann, my favorite, came in second and that was with several songs coded with less than 5 stars!  So Congrats!! I told you from the beginning I believed in you!" -- Penny Lopess from All Access Magazine

"Upon entering the club I spotted a girl who shot an infectious smile in my direction. I didn’t know it at the time but this pretty lady turned out to be the first act I was to catch this evening. I am speaking of the incredible talent of Jordana Glasser. Keyboardist, singer, songwriter, Jordana is a joy to watch and listen to.  Jordana will be releasing a CD shortly entitled “See You On Mars” and tonight she showcased tunes that will be on the release. From the emotional “Man Of My Dreams”, the soothing “Rock Away” and the dreamy “Churches’ Jordana sang from her heart and soul. At times her style is reminiscent of Carol King and Carly Simon, other times, on a path of her own devise. Also notable was her version of the Paula Cole classic “I Am So Ordinary”. You can find more about Jordana at (Be sure to watch the live videos!)."  -- Lucky (SugarBuzz Hollywood Reporter)

"Jordana's velvety smooth voice and flowing piano, beautiful and poignant lyrics, painted a picture of her rich inner landscape and her performance felt personal, familiar, and haunting.  I loved her set and highly recommend her, especially to any Tori Amos/Joni Mitchell/Natalie Merchant fans.  Her songs are beautiful and you'll sing them all the way home.  Get there early and make sure you pick up a CD."  -- Cyhndi Mora

Jordana Glasser was born and raised in Burbank, California and started learning to play the piano at the age of seven.  Jordana mastered the piano and began writing songs some years later, having been influenced by Jackson Browne, Joni Mitchell, and Laura Nyro.  She recently finished recording her debut album "See You on Mars," which is now available at Tower Records.  Jordana was featured on KPFK 90.7 FM's "Arts in Review" in Los Angeles and her music is currently in rotation in Japan.  She performs live at such Los Angeles venues as Genghis Cohen, Molly Malone's, and The Cat Club and has been reviewed by numerous magazines and periodicals.  Jordana continues to study her craft and has begun recording her second album with Chet McCracken, Chris Pinnick, and bassist Will MacGregor (Tori Amos' Little Earthquakes.)