Blessed am I
Words and Music by Jordana Glasser

A couple things before I lose my mind
Well, Iíve been holding faith but youíre not listening
Hey, you know Shangri-Laís not far
Blessed are those who wait

Well, Iíve been running Ďround chasing all that I long to hold
And fantasies trapped onto each other
Hey, you know I get embarrassed too
Blessed are those who tell the truth

Another drag from the peace pipe
Your destiny has brought you here
And a round of prayers for the dreamers
Whose hearts are broken yet they donít know why
I hope that we can sing again

I see you runniní Ďround chasing all that you long to hold
Without mistakes, but thatís not possible
The closer you get, the less you know how
Blessed are those in the here and now

And you fight a world that you dream of
And a possible heartbreak
Scared to take on a piece of me
And the search will go on for you and me
For you and me

And as I give away all that I long to hold
Iím stripped of all I thought was elegant
The deeper I get, the less I know
Blessed are those who let it go

Sweet mystery man comes and goes
Blessed am I to hold my own.

(Repeat Chorus)

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
I hope that we could sing again