Rock Away
Words and Music by Jordana Glasser

The king of fear says beware of your heart and soul
No matter what you already know
Lost in a million different voices
And you cherish all but one
You’re as bright as the sun
But you rock alone

Day by day in a silent rage from what they say
In a fool’s payoff price
You’re on the offshoot of America
You’re gonna rock a bye baby rock
‘Cause you’re as deep as the ocean
But you rock alone

Swing the chimes to let the lovin’ in
Oh, watch the humble bow to the wind, they’re down again
Bring the wine and relish the aftermath of you
The only you

We give our lives to a hungry crowd who are lost themselves
In a fool’s payoff price
We’re walking a million different avenues
Still talking about
The same thing from yesterday
And I rock alone

(Repeat Chorus)

Just to let go for a while and be myself again
I fall right into your smile
I’m on the other side of the shining star
I’m gonna sing to those baby blues
‘Cause we’re as free as the wind blowin’
We’ll rock away

We’ll rock away
We’ll rock away
We’ll rock away